Ronson Development kicks off the largest project in its history. Presales of residential units are slated to start at the Ursus Centralny project

This will be an exceptional year in Ronson Development’s history – on 16 March the largest project the company has run thus far will be launched. On Grand Opening Day, early bird buyers will have an opportunity to buy a unit on the self-sufficient Ursus Centralny property development with an internal boulevard full of attractions for residents. Ultimately, 1,600 units will be built in the overall investment, of which 138 in the first stage. Ronson has prepared an attractive price offering for the sales launch: it will be possible to buy a two-room unit for PLN 292 thousand.

Apartment presales at this property development located in the very heart of Ursus will take place in conjunction with the grand opening of the sales office at ul. Gierdziejewskiego 23. During the first stage of Ursus Centralny clients will be able to select from 2, 3 and 4-room units offering compact floor plans. The bulk of the offer consists of units ranging from 32 to 65 square meters. The developer plans to build 2, 3 and 4-room units with an option to combine them. The purpose of doing this is to meet the expectations of people who are looking for their first apartment and would like to blend an attractive price with a convenient venue.

“The strong suit of this project located at ul. Gierdziejewskiego is above all its excellent commuter links to the city center: the Warsaw-Ursus train stop is a mere 500 m from here. Residents will also have in their immediate vicinity Warsaw’s first EKOpark containing educational paths, solar panels and a natural playground. The zoning plan for Ursus Centralny calls for extending the park and nestling this property development there”, says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President of Ronson Development responsible for sales and marketing.

Good investment in a fashionable spot

Ronson Development chose Ursus because of the enormous potential that is waiting to be discovered in this district.

Ursus is a place that is similar to what Wola was several years ago. The time for it to blossom is now beginning and this is the best time to invest in an apartment in this location. We are witnessing the birth of a new fashionable district and we are pleased to be an important part of that”, says Andrzej Gutowski.

Wola is a district that has experienced a genuine boom over the last several years. The average prices of apartments have climbed from roughly PLN 8,000 to more than PLN 11,000 per square meter during just the last three years. Wola is now the district in which the largest number of apartments were sold last year (following Mokotów) (data from REAS JLL).

For now, the units in Ursus account for 5% of the units on the primary market for sale in the capital city, but the district’s rapid development means that prices are starting to rise markedly. That is why buying an apartment in this venue is a true stroke of luck for people who treat real estate as an investment.

Boulevard with loads of attractions

In addition to the convenient commute to the city center, Ronson Development would like to provide the residents of Ursus Centralny the opportunity to take care of their daily affairs within a short walking distance from home. This property development will be self-sufficient with a rich selection of commercial units, an internal boulevard with a recreational offer and a school and educational complex to be built on the site of this property development.

Once again, the developer has elected to embrace the “city in a city” concept, which it has successfully implemented in the Miasto Moje project in Warsaw’s Białołęka district. This property development is one of the Company’s best-sellers.

Industrial climate with a taste of history.

One of the strengths offered by Ursus Centralny will be its modern architectonic design embodying the industrial trend. This is a reference to the extraordinary history and industrial past of this district. It owes its name to the mechanical plant where tractors were once manufactured. Following the wave of popularity enjoyed by Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel entitled “Quo Vadis?”, it was donned with the name of one of the protagonists: a strong man with the heart of a dove. This name was given to the community of Czechowice located here in the 1920s; it later became a district of Warsaw.

Despite its industrial past, this district will soon take on a totally different character: it will be inundated with greenery, while the premises surrounding the former factory will be replaced with shopping centers, recreational space and educational facilities. Ursus principally attracts young residents who are well-versed with the most fashionable post-industrialist districts of New York, Berlin and Zurich and would like to live in a similar venue in Warsaw. Ursus Centralny, which will offer residents precisely that type of climate, while simultaneously facilitating a rapid commute to the center of Warsaw, is the offer for which many clients have long been waiting.