Comprehensive credit service:

  • Professional and independent Financial Experts,
  • Credit offers from as many as 25 banks,
  • Safety and time saving,
  • Free assistance of a professional expert in choosing the most advantageous offer,
  • Any form of contact with an Expert
  • Filling in credit applications
  • Flexible payment schedules


Our customers can take advantage of free assistance in obtaining a loan and completing the necessary related formalities.

A meeting with an expert can take place in the sales office as well as in any other place chosen by the customer. We also provide an online consultation.
The experts cooperating with us will help to choose the most advantageous credit offer and will also submit a credit application on behalf of the client to several banks simultaneously.
You do not have to worry about preparing documents.

Cooperation with 25 banks saves you time and gives you the possibility of full market analysis, which guarantees you certainty of choosing the best loan.

We guarantee 100% return of the reservation fee in case of a negative credit decision.

You can use the help of an expert in every city where our investments are located: