Ronson Development summarizes sales performance and deliveries in 2018

Ronson Development contracted the sale of 773 units in 2018 as compared to 815 units a year earlier. The number of units delivered to customers, which will be recognized in the P&L statement for the previous year, amounted to 764 versus 833 in 2017.

“After successful sales in the first three quarters of 2018, we entered the fourth quarter with a strongly sold out offer. Due to procedural reasons, new projects which we had planned to launch in the last months of 2018, we will start in 2019. This refers, inter alia, to our new large investment in Warsaw – Ursus Centralny, as well as the third stage of the Miasto Moje project in Białołęka. As a result, in the fourth quarter alone, we contracted the sale of 134 units, which is a slightly weaker result than in the previous quarters,” commented Andrzej Gutowski, management board member and sales director at Ronson Development.

The most popular projects among the Company’s customers in the fourth quarter of 2018 were: City Link in Warsaw’s Wola (43 sold units), Panoramika in Szczecin (25 units) and Miasto Marina in Wrocław (23 units).

“During 2018, we contracted 773 units in total. This is a better result than our original assumptions for the previous year, i.e. the sale of over 750 units. This number does not take into account reservations for more than 20 units in the third stage of the Moje Miasto project, where the pre-sales started last year, but the construction will start this year. If we added these reservations, we would be close to our sales performance in 2017, when we found buyers for 815 units,” pointed out Andrzej Gutowski.

The number of units delivered to customers (and recognized in the profit and loss statement for the given period) depends mainly on the schedule of investment realisation. “In the fourth quarter of 2018, we did not complete any project. During this period, we delivered to customers units in the previously completed investments. In total, these were 57 units, including 21 in our prestigious project Nova Królikarnia. These are mainly large apartments with high average unit price, and therefore they will have the largest share in revenues for the fourth quarter of 2018,” said Rami Geris, management board member and CFO at Ronson Development.

The number of units delivered to customers in the entire 2018 amounted to 764 as compared to 833 a year earlier.