Tenant changes – when, how and where?

Buying an apartment usually means making the client’s dreams of owning a place come true. It is therefore important for the apartment to fully meet the buyer’s expectations and, above all, it should comply with their individual vision of a living-space. Each of us has our own habits, which are often reflected in the everyday functioning and therefore go hand in hand with our apartment’s layout. Therefore, out of concern for our clients’ comfort, Ronson Development offers the possibility of making design changes in the apartment at the construction stage.

Tenant changes may include:

– changing the location of walls or their removal,

– positioning of lighting points as well as electrical and TV sockets,

– positioning of bathroom fittings (washbasin, washing machine),

– changing the kitchen and bathroom layout,

– changing the location and models of radiators.

At the same time, you should bear in mind those changes which cannot be made for technical reasons:

– changes to the building’s structure and service risers,

– changes of specific functions of individual rooms,

– interference with the building’s façade and common space,

– changes not in compliance with the applicable regulations.

How does the process for submitting tenant changes work?