RONSON returns to Wola district, very popular among Warsaw residents

RONSON Development starts selling a new project in Warsaw’s Wola district. „Osiedle Vola” is a modern, intimate apartment building, which will be built at the junction of Studzienna and Jana Kazimierza streets. „This is the only one such an intimate project in this place”.

RONSON Development is becoming more and more active in its current activity in the capital, and with the project „Osiedle Vola” returns to the district it perfectly knows. Earlier, such developer’s pojects as Espresso, Verdis or City Link were created in Wola. – Our plan for this year assumed a significant expansion of the offer in the second quarter and this is happening now – says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice President, Sales Director of RONSON Development. – We are introducing a new project for sale„Osiedle Vola”. An unique, and the only such an intimate project in this place. At the corner of Jana Kazimierza and Studzienna streets, only one, six-storey building with 84 apartments will be built. We designed there areas ranging from 38 to even 138 m2. The biggest will be spacious 5-room apartments. The unique, central location of this project and the overwhelming number of compact flats make „Osiedle Vola” a real treat for investors

Ecological standard of RONSON

RONSON Development, as befits a pioneer in the implementation of ecological solutions, obviously focuses on innovation and ecology in the „Osiedle Vola” investment. The project includes, among others, photovoltaic panels and LED lighting used in common areas. – We are introducing solutions that will translate into the quality of life of our clients, but also reduce their bills. For example, the use of LED lighting means for the Housing Community a reduction in the cost of powering common parts such as staircases or lifts by up to 30-50% – says Karolina Bronszewska, Marketing and Innovations Director of RONSON Development. As she adds – The use of energy-saving solutions is a very important argument when choosing a place to live nowadays. On the one hand, for the sake of the planet, on the other hand, for the cost of living, which is more and more expensive

The „Osiedle Vola” project will also include green roofs – an increasingly popular solution that relieves sewage systems, retaining up to 80% of rainwater, has thermoregulatory properties and protects insulation, so that any roof repairs may be postponed by several years. Future residents will also be able to use the smart home system and use solutions in the field of electromobility. In the „Osiedle Vola” project, external charging stations for electric cars and bicycle shelters will be built. – Ecological solutions have become a standard in our projects. In each investment, we implement a package that is allowed by the architectural possibilities. However, we also go a step further and focus more and more on innovations. In the „Osiedle Vola” project, we will use a solution that is very convenient for residents. This is a contactless entrance to the garage – says Karolina Bronszewska. As she adds – Aesthetics will also play an important role in „Osiedle Vola”. This project is really beautiful. We will use elements of wood and glass on the facade of the building. There will also be apartments with roof terraces available. And it’s all practically in the city center. 

Wola district is very popular

According to the report prepared by JLL for RONSON Development – „Warsaw residential market”, Wola is at the forefront of the most-chosen districts. Mokotów is invariably the most popular, followed by Wola, Ochota and Żoliborz.  – The „Osiedle Vola” is an investment tailored to the district to which Wola transformed during recent years. Known as the new business center of the capital, eagerly chosen by giants such as Google for locating their headquarters, in fact it became a place where residential, commercial, entertainment and office projects were developed in parallel. This district developed and develops in a sustainable way, which made it extremely attractive to live and work – says Karolina Bronszewska. 

„Osiedle Vola” is being built at the junction of Studzienna and Jana Kazimierza streets, in the vicinity of the Fort Wola Shopping Center and close to Rondo Daszyńskiego. Wola is one of the most developed and well-connected districts of Warsaw. There are parks and a complete commercial and service infrastructure in the vicinity of the investment.