A new pot of apartments launched for sale every two or three months – this is RONSON’s plan for the development of the Ursus Centralny investment. The developer is already the strongest player in this district and is building the largest estate with 1 500 apartments, with a boulevard of attractions for its residents. „This is our response to the great interest in this location”.


The earlier stages of the investment were sold at a rapid pace, which prompted us to implement a bold plan for the coming months. In April, June, September and November, we will increase the supply with nearly 400 apartments  – says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing Director of RONSON Development.  – This is obviously a response to the huge interest of our customers. And the Ursus potential is reflected precisely in their purchainsing decisions.




The popularity of Ursus is confirmed by numbers. According to JLL Report – „The situation on the primary housing market Q4 2020”– in the analyzes for Warsaw, Ursus was among the leading districts with the largest number of apartments launched for sale in the fourth quarter of 2020 (410 units – 12,6% of new supply). It has salso achieved a leading position when it comes to the district with the largest number of units sold – 429 apartments. On the other hand, prices per m2 in the period from December 2017 to December 2020 increased in this district by 28%. –  JLL data show the investment potential of the district, where the quarterly satisfied demand exceeds the quarterly supply. This successful trend will continue due to excellent communication, the proximity of green areas, such as EKO Park and the emerging modern housing fabric. Of course, we are adding our contribution to this – says Andrzej Gutowski.




Ursus Centralny was designed as a self-sufficient estate with numerous benefits for residents.  The proximity of the EKO Park, recreational areas, schools, kindergartens and a rich base of services are to guarantee the comfort of life. A characteristic feature of the investment is the boulevard with attractions running along the estate. – This project fits in with the post-COVID trends, according to which the residents expect that their new apartment will not only be a „bedroom”, but will open up opportunities to meet all their needs locally – says Karolina Bronszewska, Marketing Manager RONSON Development.

On the wave of the sales success of the earlier stages of the Ursus Centralny investment, RONSON is already introducing the fourth stage of the project, with a pool of 123 units, with areas ranging from 39 to 85 m2.




Seeing the growing popularity of the district, we decided to sign a preliminary contract for the purchase of another large plot of land, allowing us to complete a project for over 1 500 apartments. We are in the proces of preparing due diligence for this area – concludes Andrzej Gutowski.