Ronson Development starts offering for sale the last stage of its best-selling property development in Szczecin. Panoramika VI receives a building permit

One of the best liked projects among Ronson Development’s clients enters its final phase. The developer has obtained a legally valid building permit for stage VI of the Panoramika property development in Szczecin. This will be the last chance for clients to settle in this investment offering a city center view. The general contractor, Mozostal Warszawa, started doing construction work immediately after obtaining this permit. Apartment sales in Panoramika VI are to commence on Monday, 20 July. 76 units are available in the final stage of this property development with prices starting at PLN 193 thousand.

From its inception the Panoramika property development has enjoyed enormously successful sales. “This is our first investment in Szczecin, and its superb results have convinced us that this city offers enormous potential. We have nearly sold all of the residential units offered in the five stages to date – we currently have less than 10% of the offering. The new opportunity to buy a unit in this property development will certainly thrill our clients. However, you should remember that this is the last chance to buy an apartment in Panoramika, so it is not worth waiting to make a reservation. I must admit that we will miss this project when we complete its contruction”, says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President of Ronson Development, responsible for sales and marketing.

Stage VI of Ronson’s best-selling Szczecin housing estate consists of 76 apartments offering ample natural light and convenient floor plans. Apartment sizes start from 25 square meters with prices for a studio as low as PLN 193 thousand. Two room apartments with floor plans up to 44 square meters are the biggest group with 38 such units offered. Clients will also be able to choose from 19 three-room units, 10 studios and 9 four-room units with floor plans of up to 77 square meters.

The name of the Panoramika housing estate comes from the amazing view that stretches before the residential units in this investment. We can see the entire panorama of Szczecin from here. It can be marveled at in stage VI from balconies and spacious terraces. In turn, the units on the ground floor will have access to gardens, and as we know very well this has become an extraordinarily desirable attribute following the recent period of being in ‘social quarantine’”, says Andrzej Gutowski.

The construction of stage V of Panoramika will be completed in Q3 of this year. The final units are now available for sale. It consists of 115 apartments.

Ultimately, this property development in Szczecin will consist of a total of 621 units in six stages. Four of them have already been completed.

The Panoramika property development is located in the Warszewo district of Szczecin, which offers excellent commuter access to the city center and is nestled in a sea of green. The vicinity has multiple schools, stores, jogging and cycling paths. Jezioro Głębokie, a lake well-known to all residents of Szczecin and Park Kasprowicza, the Różanka rose garden and the Lasek Arkoński forest are a mere 10 minutes from this investment.