RONSON Development in a historic moment. „We respond to growing demand”

For the first time in the history of the Company, RONSON Development will conduct the construction of as many as three stages in parallel, in each of the two projects – Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje. In this way, the Company wants to meet the growing demand for both investments.


Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje are the two largest projects in RONSON’s portfolio, which are the most popular among clients. This is confirmed by the financial results for the first half of 2020 published by the Company. According to the Report, the main sales engine in this period were both projects, where a total of 233 units were sold. However, since the launch of the investment on the market, nearly 600 units have been sold in Miasto Moje, and over 270 in Ursus Centralny.

On the wave of this success, we are opening the next stages of our two best-selling investments – says Boaz Haim, CEO of RONSON Development. – This will be a strong boost to supply. In Ursus Centralny III – 97 units. In Miasto Moje V – 170 units. Thus, the supply of the Company will increase to the level of almost 1 000 units.



In September, the construction of two investments with new stages will begin. The stages of Ursus Centralny I – II – III will be carried out simultaneously, where the number of available units will be 209. And Miasto Moje III – IV – V with the number of 296 units. This is an exceptional situation in the history of the Company, because both projects require a lot of effort and coordination of activities. Danya Cebus will be the general contractor for the two investments.


Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje were designed as self-sufficient housing estates, with numerous benefits for residents. The proximity of the park, recreational areas, schools, kindergartens and a rich base of services are to guarantee the comfort of life. A characteristic feature of both investments is the boulevard – a passage running along the estate, divided into zones of relaxation, fun, activity and culture, where residents will find a cafe, restaurant, gym and a playground for children.

In the opinion of Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President, sales and marketing director of RONSON Development, the success of the Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje projects is the result of an accurate response to the needs of residents in terms of the availability of infrastructure and investment’s environment. – Today’s clients is very aware and analyzes the future place of residence in terms of many criteria. Therefore, the developer can no longer focus only on the design of the block, but also on its surroundings. Nowadays, a housing estate must fulfill not only residential, but also recreational functions and offer more than just a flat. As he emphasizes – Both investments are very well connected with other parts of the city, but our goal was to give residents a real alternative: you can go to the city center, but here – you have everything at hand.

Both Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje are aimed at customers who buy their first apartment – singles and couples. Therefore, the developer’s offer includes mainly 1,2 and 3-room apartments. – In Miasto Moje we are introducing a wide range of apartments with very attractive sizes. The apartments are already from 29 m2 and are priced from 240 000 PLN. This product is very much sought after by customers – says Andrzej Gutowski. – In this investment, larger flats, three and four-room apartments, include spacious terraces with an area of up to 37 m2 or gardens up to 160 m2.

In the third stage of Ursus Centralny, RONSON Development is introducing 2 apartments to its offer and 3-room apartments – 30 two-room apartments, ranging from 43-52 m2, and 60 three-room apartments, ranging from 58-62 m2.