A modern urban square in Ursus Centralny

RONSON Development is working on creating a modern urban square as part of the next stage of the Ursus Centralny investment. It’s a friendly and functional space designed with the local community in mind.

As a developer, we think comprehensively about our projects, considering the overall impact on the surrounding environment. We aim to create living spaces that enhance the lives of our clients and the communities we serve. We understand the importance of building new roads, urban squares, and educational/cultural facilities to ensure the well-being of residents, particularly in multi-phase developments. As a significant player in the market, we are uniquely positioned to undertake projects of considerable scale – explains Boaz Haim, CEO of RONSON Development.

With the launch of the sales for the 5th stage of the Ursus Centralny development, an unprecedented city-wide initiative emerges – a public square that RONSON will hand over to the district authorities. Ursus Centralny stands as the top choice in the developer’s offerings. It’s a self-sustaining community, providing residents with a comprehensive range of commercial and service facilities, medical centers, and a centrally located boulevard boasting attractions such as fountains, innovative playgrounds, and active zones. Adding to the neighborhood’s appeal, the developer is now introducing green spaces. – The development of the urban square is the result of months of consultations and the dedication of designers who, with residents and future users in mind, have created a unique space for relaxation, gatherings, leisure, and the celebration of cultural events in the district. – says Karolina Bronszewska, Director of Marketing and Innovation at RONSON Development.

The investment plan was developed based on guidelines derived from the applicable local spatial development plan and in consultation with the city authorities. The urban square, located at the intersection of Silnikowa and Taylor streets, will be utilized in the future by the City Hall, the Cultural Center for cultural events, or for café gardens.

The square project comprises 3 stages. – Currently, the implementation of the first stage is underway, covering a section of the square from the intersection of Silnikowa and Taylor streets, along with buildings 5 and 6 of stage 4 of Ursus Centralny. Work in this area has already begun. We have completed the surface hardening, installed small architectural elements such as sunbeds, benches, planters, and prepared the area for planting vegetation. We plan to plant these in the spring. After the completion of all stages, the area will be handed over to the city. – comments Karolina Bronszewska.

RONSON prioritizes greenery and eco-trends

The upcoming urban square will be characterized by abundant greenery. The project entails planting 47 tall trees, numerous shrubs, and over 2000 decorative grass plants. We have opted to mainly use native species, such as plane trees, lilacs, and maples, which thrive well in Polish climatic conditions – emphasizes Karolina Bronszewska.

According to RONSON Development’s philosophy, ecology and sustainable development play a crucial role in the project. – We strive to align our actions with the latest trends, which is why we are increasingly moving away from traditional, large expanses of lawns. Maintaining them requires a significant amount of water and frequent mowing, resulting in additional costs and negative environmental impact. Instead, we focus on planting ground cover plants and shrubs, which not only require less maintenance but also provide an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to lawns. – says Karolina Bronszewska.

The developer has also prepared a range of other amenities. Within the urban square, numerous elements of small architecture have been designed, including sunbeds, benches, hammocks, and trash bins. Pedestrian paths with mineral surfaces will also be introduced in the square.

New apartments for sale

The apartments in the newly launched 5th stage of the development are already on sale. Ursus Centralny neighborhood is part of the fastest-growing district in Warsaw, with significant investment potential. It’s a self-sufficient community featuring numerous service points and a boulevard with attractions such as fountains, playgrounds, fitness zones, and relaxation areas. Additionally, the nearby EKOpark provides residents with relaxation and recreational opportunities amidst green surroundings.

The Ursus Centralny investment boasts excellent connectivity, being in close proximity to SKM train stations and bus stops, enabling quick access to the center of Warsaw in just 15 minutes. The entire investment consists of 6 stages, totaling over 1600 apartments. This comprehensive undertaking will provide future residents with a high standard of living in an attractive location, with full access to infrastructure and numerous amenities within the neighborhood.


About RONSON Development

 RONSON Development is an experienced, dynamically expanding developer, conducting housing investments in the largest Polish cities, mainly in Warsaw, as well as in Poznań, Wrocław and Szczecin. From the beginning of its operation in 2000 RONSON gained the trust of thousands of customers, making it one of the leading development companies in Poland. RONSON creates spaces where you feel good and live comfortable. It is a pioneer of the ecological solutions that are introduced with climate protection and living cost reduction of the customers in mind. Currently, the company’s offer includes tailoring flats to the needs of various customer groups – there are both apartments, as well as premises from the popular segment. RONSON Development is a member of the Polish Association Development Companies. The evidence of customers’ trust in the company are numerous awards and certificates. In December 2023, RONSON became the vice-leader in the National Ranking of Best Developers organized by the Strefa Gospodarki, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna Magazine. In April 2023, RONSON Development was awarded the title of Otodom 2022 Real Estate Leader, and the Nowe Warzymice project received the Wizjery 2022 award for the best utilization of eco-trends in a development investment. In 2021, the company was distinguished with the Business Superbrands 2021 title, and in 2022, it secured the 3rd place podium position in this competition. In 2020, the company was among the top performers in the National Ranking of Best Residential Developers 2020, organized by the Strefa Gospodarki, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna Magazine. RONSON has also been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards granted by analysts and stock market investors. In 2017, the company’s website was honored with the Golden Issuer’s Website title in a competition organized by the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers. In 2014, the company won an award in the category of developer services in the Polish Building Eagles 2014 competition. In 2013, the company secured the 1st place in the Stock Company of the Year ranking in the “Investor Relations” category, organized by the Puls Biznesu newspaper, and the Developer of the Year 2013 emblem, awarded by the Central Certification Bureau.



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