Live exceptionally, means with a mezzanine

Apartments with a mezzanine are one of the most interesting proposals in the developer’s offer. The arrangement potential of such flats lies in every square meter, and the catalog of decorative possibilities is limited only by the ceiling, which is several meters high.


RONSON Development is one of the developers offering apartments with a mezzanine. The Tulip Wilanów investment, located in Warsaw’s Zawady, tempts with the uniqueness of the project. 5 meter high, lighted flats, open up possibilities for designing space, with clearly separated zones – day and night, and an additional room in the form of a mezzanine, which can be used as a bedroom or office.

–  Many years of experience in the real estate market shows that clients are more and more aware and expect a product tailored to their needs from development companies  – says Karolina Bronszewska, Marketing Manager at RONSON Development. – So we focus on great locations, very good finishing materials, eco and smart solutions, but also non-standard projects, such as apartments with a mezzanine, which are an ideal proposition not only for singles or couples, but also families, because the arrangement possibilities are really wide here.

From the point of view of customers, it is important that at the stage of purchasing the apartment, the price per square meter of mezzanine is calculated 30% less that the regular price per m2 of the lower part of a flat. What’s more – the mezzanine area is not included in the rent, so maintaining an 80-meter apartment with a mezzanine is cheaper than maintaining a standard apartment of the same size.

RONSON Development cooperates with Deer Design, whose architects advise the Company’s clients on arrangement options, including apartments with a mezzanine.