Miasto Moje V with an occupancy permit. RONSON Development has begun final accepting of the apartments

In the fifth stage of one of RONSON Development’s most popular projects, the acceptance of the apartments has started. After obtaining a valid occupancy permit, the Miasto Moje V investment will soon welcome its first residents.

158 of finished apartments are already waiting for their owners – says Karolina Bronszewska, member of the Management Board, Marketing and Innovations Director of RONSON Development. As she adds – Clients can still buy an apartment at this stage of the project, because the offer of Miasto Moje V still includes the last 12 family apartments at very attractive prices. The fifth stage is the continuation of the implementation of a unique project surrounded by greenery and designed in a way that favors the activity and comfort of the inhabitants. At this stage, for example, a volleyball court was created. Each subsequent stage of the project brings new amenities for our residents.  

Currently, RONSON also sells apartments in the next, VI stage of the investment. – We have already sold more than half of the apartments there. The offer is very varied. Both studios and spacious 4-room apartments are still available, ranging in size from 30 to 103 m2 – says Bronszewska.

RONSON Development provides its clients with a comprehensive support package in terms of financing the purchase. – Inhibition on the credit market is a fact, which is why we decided to introduce solutions such as a fixed price guarantee and the 20/80 payment system, which assumes that 20% of the price is paid by the client at the stage of signing the contract, and 80% only when collecting the keys – says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice President, Sales Director of RONSON Development. And he adds – In projects such as Miasto Moje, chosen especially by buyers of their first apartment, by families with children, we decided to offer additional discounts. The regular price can now be reduced by up to 50.000 PLN.

Miasto Moje, and there…

The Miasto Moje project, carried out by RONSON Development in Warsaw’s Białołęka district, remains at the forefront of the developer’s most-chosen projects.

Miasto Moje was designed in line with the idea of a self-sufficient housing estate. – Residents must have a shop, parcel locker, nursery and kindergarten, public transport stops and recreational areas at their fingertips – says Karolina Bronszewska. – It all worked out. The estate is located right next to the SKM station, in close proximity to the new metro station – Metro Bródno. The residents use the Wisła Pasaż, which has been specially designed for them – a place of rest, recreation and integration. There is a nursery and a kindergarten. The parcel locker is at your fingertips. This estate is our showcase.