Historical change in RONSON’s Development Management Board

Karolina Bronszewska, the current head of the Marketing Department of RONSON Development, joins the Management Board of the Company. She will take the position of Marketing and Innovation Director.  

– RONSON is a leading developer on the Polish market, and the strenght of our Company is largely determined by women. Smart, creative and professional. We see the importance of their representation on the company’s Management Board, and the decision taken proves that RONSON does not have” a glass ceiling” – says Boaz Haim, RONSON’s CEO. – Each employee has a chance to play a role in which will be professionally developed and successful. Karolina’s promotion is the best example of this.

Karolina Bronszewska has been involved in the real estate market since 2004. In 2007 she joined the RONSON Development team, where she is the head of marketing department,responsible for the preparation and implementation of long-term and short-term brand communication strategies in the online and offline area, as well as PR communication.

Karolina is a professional manager in every way. Responsible, loyal, reliable, and also extremely hardworking and creative. It was her who initiated a number of changes and innovative solutions at RONSON – from rebranding and creating a coherent visual identity of the brand, through the implementation of the marketing automation system (the first website personalized according to the client’s preferences – ed.), to the introduction of the Virtual Open Days cycle in implemented investments, thanks to which we could stay in constans contact with our clients in times of a pandemic – says Boaz Haim. As he adds – Karolina, during 14 years of work for RONSON Development, took care of entering the market and sales communication of 25 residential investments. Her entry into the Management Board is the culmination of many years of committed and effective work.

Karolina Bronszewska’s nomination for the position of Management Board Member and Marketing and Innovation Director, is a breakthrough in the company’s 20-year history, which this year celebrates its Jubilee. – For 20 years we have got to know the Polish real estate market perfectly. During this period, happily, the role and importance of woman also changed. It is high time that they also had their representation in the management board of our Company – emphasizes Boaz Haim.