feel revived!

  • Apartments ranging in size from 29 sqm to almost 100 sqm,
  • The proximity of recreational green areas and the heart of the capital,
  • Approximately 600 apartments and commercial premises being built in 4 stages,
  • Unique benefits that help lead an active life.
  • BESTSELLER! This is the last chance to buy an apartment!

Take care of yourself every day!

Workout after work? Or maybe before work? It’s easy! The estate’s gym is a perfect solution for all those who want to look good and enjoy overcoming their own limitations. Nothing relieves tension nor reduces stress more than physical exercise! The Espresso estate in the Wola district guarantees an outdoor gym close to home, which is conducive to regular workouts and systematically taking care of your form! Now you can be fit every day – it’s so easy!

Free Wi-Fi
Within reach!

There is Wi-Fi access in selected areas of the residential complex. You will be able to keep up to date with the news, check your e-mails or do some shopping free of charge.