Valuation of tenant changes

The costs of tenant changes can be divided into design and execution costs, and their amount depends mainly on the scale of the changes made.

Design costs

If the changes are simple and do not require the preparation of replacement designs (e.g. an additional format-specific technical drawing), then the cost is limited only to giving an opinion on the drawings presented by the client.

If the changes are so complex that they require preparation of replacement designs by the design office, the costs are calculated according to the price list. Additionally, it is possible to prepare a non-standard valuation. Importantly, the commencement of work by the contractor requires an approval of the cost estimate by the client each time.

Execution costs

The costs of specific elements needed to fit out the apartment (e.g. radiators or front door) are added together before commencement of work. Any surcharge is only added when additional elements covered by the changes exceed the number included in the initial detailed design.

For example, if the detailed design provides for 10 sockets in the apartment, and as part of tenant changes the client would like to have additional 5 sockets (a total of 15), then the client should pay for the additional sockets. On the other hand, if the client decides to remove electric and sanitary facilities, the costs should be reimbursed according to the standard price list. In such a case as, for example, moving the sockets, sanitary connections or door openings, changes do not generate additional costs for the client as material consumption remains t