Comfort zone in a small flat

A small living area does not mean that it is impossible to create a comfortable relax zone in your flat. All you need is a little creativity! Here are some examples on how to create a relaxing oasis on a small area of your flat.

Cherish hygge

The word has been popular in Poland for a couple of months. It means the Danish philosophy of happiness which may affect many areas of our lives. The Danes use the word hyggeligt to talk about bliss, relaxation and pleasure – in short everything that makes you feel happy. The hygge philosophy is also reflected in the interior designing, and most importantly, it requires neither huge financial expenses nor spectacular spaces. The essentials are candles, soft blankets, comfortable cushions and wooden ornaments. Natural finishing touches include, in case of hygge, not only wooden floors or tables, but also ornaments made of branches, a piece of a trunk as a candle holder, cones in glass containers and moss instead of pot plants.

SPA in your bathroom

In a small bathroom we can have a spa shower set installed. If there is a bath tub in the bathroom, it will guarantee hydro-massages, pearl baths or light sources emitting colourful sparkles, used for chromotherapy.
However, if our budget is too tight for such amenities, we can create a romantic atmosphere for little money. Candle wall niches, illuminated shelves, a bathroom radio and well-suited scent will help us create a relaxing nook.

Living room as a place where you want to stay forever

It is a space which allows people to show their best talents. Preferences of the home dwellers are of key importance here. For some people relaxing on a soft couch, with dimmed lights, while watching a good film will sound like an outmost pleasure. Other people prefer spending their time reading in a mini-library which we advise to locate next to a window. A suspended armchair or a hammock in the relaxation zone may be like icing on a cake.
However, if the space does not allow us to create complex arrangements, we can go for a photo wallpaper – a cheap and feasible solution for each type of space. Our imagination is the limit. The photo wallpaper can undoubtedly be an element that would adorn the relaxation zone in our living room.

Dream bedroom

Due to its function, bedrooms are almost automatically associated with zones of relaxation. Apart from beautiful bed linen, candles or lamps on nightstands, the relaxing climate is enforced by illuminated ceiling. Another interesting trick is a small table – thus we can have breakfast without getting up.

Relaxing colours and scents

The same room can sooth or irritate us, favour relaxation or encourage us to immerse ourselves in intellectual work. All that depends on colours used in the flat. When creating a relaxation zone, we should avoid using aggressive, highly intensive colours. Nature can be the best model for us. Where do we get the most of our relaxation? In a forest, on a beach, in a mountain hut and other places close to the nature. It is worth going for natural colours. Let’s combine colours of sand and ocean waves or brown colours with dull greens or greys. Let’s add some candles or lavender-, resin-, or sandalwood- scented oils to crown the soothing effect.