Dog at home. How to arrange your flat to be dog-proof?

Dog at home. How to design a pet-friendly interior?

Since for many of us a dog is a legitimate member of the household, it would be a good idea to focus on our pet’s needs already at the designing stage. This is how we could prevent unnecessary damage and create a space which could be easily restored to its previous state.

What are the things that need to be borne in mind on designing a pet-friendly interior?

1. Floors. Instead of rugs, hard for maintenance, it would be a good idea to lay low-pile carpet flooring, as it is easy to be vacuumed and washed. However, if you opt for wooden floors, we recommend brushed and oiled floorings. Alternatively, one could go for heavy-duty floor varnishes. Any other varnish may easily get scratched by our pet’s claws.

2. Always clean walls. Another essential element is finishing of walls. The area where the dog’s bed is might be painted with a heavy duty washable paint.

3. Heavy duty upholstery. When choosing a sofa or armchairs, it is worth opting for such sheets that may be removed and washed in a washing machine. An alternative to this is to put a cover on a sofa or bed.

4. Dog beds. On designing the layout of our apartment it is worth sparing a thought on a dog bed. The most optimal place is a corner of a room; thus our pet can carefully observe the surrounding area from there and it would not get in the way of anyone.

5. Is it allowed everywhere? If we do not want our four-legged friend to enter a certain room, we should have a robust door installed there, most preferably without any glass elements. If we choose a round door knob, we can be sure that a dog will not be able to overcome this obstacle.

6. Safety is the key. A dog’s curiosity may bring about not only damaged objects – it is dangerous for the dog itself. That is why one should hide cables properly and put all cleaning agents and medicines in cabinets beyond its reach.

7. A place for dog’s stuff. It is worth remembering to keep all toys, chew toys, brushes and treats in one place. A cabinet next to the entrance door might be a good solution, we could thus easily find all needed accessories.