Small apartment? Problems with fitting your life into a small space? Here are some tips from an interior designer.

Krzysztof Gałek, an interior designer at redNet Dom

Small apartments often necessitate the need to provide space for a wide range of functions, such as a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room, a study and a bedroom in only two or three rooms. It may seem that combining some functions will cause conflicts between the ways various spaces are used. Because of that designing a small space is a challenge in which every centimetre counts! Below are two proven ways to arrange a small apartment.

Method # 1: optical room enlargement through

– Bright colours

– Mirrors

– Light in small spaces

– Well-chosen lighting


Optical enlargement of bedrooms and bathrooms through the use of bright colours and light

When fitting out a small apartment, you should remember that the dominant colour scheme should be a palette of bright, luminous colours, which optically enlarge the space. Of course, in such interiors you can have colour details in the form of accessories. Mirrors on furniture fronts, in the walls as well as in the space between the cabinets in the kitchen are particularly effective, as are glossy materials, for example, varnish on furniture or glass partitions.

Do not forget about light.  You should avoid covering the windows and let as much light in as possible. Avoid heavy curtains or nets. Another important aspect is artificial light – you should let light reach every corner of the apartment – every square centimetre is of great importance. Given that the dining table will most likely also be a place to work, it must be properly illuminated, preferably with a strong scattered light.

Method # 2: multi-functionality and space-saving tricks

– Remove unnecessary partition walls

– Custom-made furniture

– Maximum use of space

Looking at a plan of a 1-room apartment with an area of 33 sqm in the MOKO investment, after minor alterations, space was found for a bedroom area and by removing a partition wall a dining space was opened up.

Inscription: A plan of a 1-room apartment with an area of 33 sqm in the MOKO investment. After minor alterations, space was found for a bedroom area and by removing a partition wall a dining space was opened up.


First of all, remove all the unnecessary partition walls. Get rid of them, if possible.

Smaller areas can be separated by temporary partitions. Therefore, the sleeping area can be separated by a curtain and the living area by an open bookcase. When choosing movable fittings you can choose from a wide range of multi-functional equipment and furniture, e.g. a convertible sofa and foldable tables and chairs, or even seats with a bookcase. Providing several functions within one object allows you to not only save a lot of space but also add additional aesthetic value.

When furnishing a small space, you should also think about designing built-in furniture to utilise all available space. Fitted furniture allows you to use the entire space of the apartment whilst giving the impression of concept cohesion. It is also easier to clean than free-standing components.

A very important element in arranging a small space is, above all, being open to new ideas and creative thinking. Giving new functions to seemingly non-usable spaces, inventiveness when storing numerous objects, the possibility of modular furniture or the folding of temporarily unnecessary elements are all things that you should be considering when choosing an apartment and making possible tenant changes. A windowsill may serve as a very convenient shelf, you can find a place for rarely used items below the ceiling or in the overhead cupboard, and a comfortable working space can be used for social events.

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