Why is it worth using the developer to fit out an apartment?

Fit out work is the last stage of preparation of an apartment and it does not have to be long and arduous. In cooperation with professionals from redNet Dom and Galerie Venis, Ronson Development offers a wide range of fit-out packages that meet the needs of even the most demanding clients and, above all, save you valuable time.

Klaudia Jastrzębska, an interior designer at redNet Dom explains why it is worth using professional services when fitting out an apartment:

Number one: the professional eye

Maybe you are not sure where the best place for your sofa is or you cannot decide on the type of panels you should choose. With the support of an interior designer, such decisions will take you only a few minutes – designers know the latest trends and can match appropriate technical and functional solutions to your specific needs. This is very important, especially at the design stage, because it allows you to avoid the additional cost of modifications.

Number two: all the material in one place and with a lower VAT

You can check all the materials available in individual fit-out packages in the design office. This will save you countless hours spent searching in shops and making a decision will be easier. The designer will not only help you choose the materials, but will also prepare an offer tailored to your financial expectations. Additionally, you can save on VAT, which in the case of using professional fitting out services will only be 8% instead of 23% (the higher rate applies if you purchase the materials by yourself).

Number three: you know how much you have to spend in advance

Cooperation with a professional company will allow you to determine the budget needed to fit out your apartment. Professionals preparing cost estimates can predict the costs very often not taken into account when estimating the fit-out (adhesives, grout, stucco, panel subfloors, supplies of raw materials and others). This way, you will know the final costs of labour and materials, and you will avoid costly surprises along the way.

Number four: technical acceptance and professional execution

A technical coordinator will accompany you during the acceptance of a shell-state apartment to make sure that it is free from defects. After that the interior fit-out work begins. If you cooperate with a professional company, the completion deadline is guaranteed by a contract. You can use the services of a professional team and a coordinator who will oversee the work of the contractors. No one will call you asking to buy more tiles or panels. After the time specified in the contract has passed, you can collect the keys to your finished apartment.

Fitting out an apartment with a developer provides:

  •  Time and money saving
  •  Professional assistance during the technical acceptance of an apartment
  •  A guarantee of compliance with deadlines
  •  A wide variety of packages tailored to your financial capabilities
  •  Preparation of a design and interior visualisation
  •  A warranty for materials and fit-out work
  •  The possibility of obtaining loan facilities for packages with a mortgage