Why is it worth using an advisor’s services?

Many people who plan to buy an apartment are aware that choosing the right financing is the most important part of the whole process. This naturally raises the question: is you own knowledge sufficient or is it safer to seek the assistance of an expert?

It is worth noting that contrary to popular opinion, financial advisers’ services are usually free of charge and non-binding (at Ronson Development at least). What is more, the interest rate on a loan obtained through an adviser will be exactly the same as the one you will get directly at the bank, if not better. The adviser can negotiate the loan terms on behalf of the client. Why not visit an adviser when choosing the loan?

– The advisor will check your creditworthiness taking into consideration the requirements of various banks. Knowledge of differences in banking procedures is essential at this stage.

– The advisor will also prepare a comprehensive comparison of several offers and will compare other fees and commissions which make up the total cost of the loan. This will save you a lot of valuable time and enable you to take advantage of comprehensive market analysis prepared by professionals.

– The advisor will prepare several variations of the loan period thanks to which you will be able to adjust the amount of the instalment to suit your budget.

– After choosing the best loan offer, an expert will also help you complete all the formalities.

– The advisor will monitor the entire process from submitting the application to the loan disbursement.

The clients of Ronson Development may use the services of experts from our Mortgage Department. Their professional assistance provides our clients with maximum comfort and the comprehensive handling of their transactions.