Great interest in the Ursus Centralny project. Ronson Development collected 25 reservations during the first day of presales

The first open day at Ronson Development’s newest project, Ursus Centralny, was a great success. The newly-opened sales office at ul. Gierdziejewskiego 23 was visited by more than 60 potential clients and 25 decided to make a preliminary reservation of an apartment on that day.

Last Saturday, on 16 March, the presales of apartments were launched at Ursus Centralny property being developed in the very heart of Warsaw’s Ursus district. 138 units will be built in the first stage of the project, while the whole development will number approximately 1600 units. This will be the largest development project in the history of Ronson Development.

“Ursus Centralny is a project that clients are waiting for. This is shown by the great interest and high attendance during the first open day last Saturday. People were literally queuing to our sales advisor and 25 of those who visited our new sales office chose and booked an apartment on that day. Overall, we already have 40 reservations,” said Karolina Bronszewska, marketing manager at Ronson Development.

During the first stage of Ursus Centralny clients are able to select from 2, 3 and 4-room units offering compact floor plans. The bulk of the offer consists of units ranging from 32 to 65 square meters. Ronson Development’s goal was to meet the expectations of people looking for their first apartment and to blend an attractive price with a convenient venue.

The location at ul. Gierdziejewskiego is clearly the strong suit of this project. The Warsaw-Ursus train stop is a mere 500 m from here. Residents will also have easy access to an EKOpark, which is developed in the immediate vicinity.

In addition to the convenient commute to the city center, Ronson Development would like to provide the residents of Ursus Centralny the opportunity to take care of their daily affairs on the site. The project will be self-sufficient with a rich selection of service units, an internal boulevard with a recreational offer and a school and educational complex to be built on the site of this property development.

Once again the developer has elected to embrace the “city in a city” concept, which has been successfully implemented in the Miasto Moje project in Warsaw’s Białołęka district. That property development is one of the Company’s best-sellers. In the two first stages, which have already been completed, a total of 353 units were developed, of which nearly all were sold at the construction stage. The third stage of development with 196 units has commenced recently and ultimately, the Miasto Moje project will number approximately 1,500 units.