RONSON is developing the Ursus capital city district

RONSON Development has completed the next stage of the Ursus Centralny project in Warsaw. The investment was expanded by two buildings, where a total of 243 flats and 8 commercial units were built. Stage 2A, carried out by the general contractor – Karmar S.A., has already received an occupancy permit.

The multi-stage designed Ursus Centralny estate has been at the forefront of our investments for several quarters in terms of sales. Customers appreciate the quality of implementation, its value for money, the self-sufficient nature of the estate, its location, but also the pro-ecological solutions implemented there – says Boaz Haim, RONSON’s CEO.  – The scale of the estate allows us to create an urban tissue in Ursus. We want to expand the disctrict and make the area of our investment more attractive. Having said that, we will build a city square with a commercial passage, facing Silnikowa street, which will be handed over to the City after the completion of the investment. We will also develop a concept for the area that will be used to create the District Cultural Center.


Ursus Centralny, like all RONSON Development investments, was designed to harmoniously combine the needs of people with the need to protect the environment. – We place a very strong emphasis on ecological solutions. This is our contribution to the care of the climate, but also real amenities for customers, starting from lowering the cost of housing maintenance  – says Karolina Bronszewska, Member of the Management Board, Marketing and Innovations Director of RONSON Development.

Green walls are being created in Ursus Centralny – climbers on the facade that significantly reduce the level of CO2 in the air, gray water systems are planned for watering common greenery, outdoor parking spaces for charging electric cars, bicycle stands, and public areas are illuminated with LED lights. – We approach the issues of ecology and innovation very responsibly. First of all, because we are building housing for many generations. Secondly, because we create an urban tissue that is to be friendly to people. Hence the great emphasis on greenery – says Karolina Bronszewska. In our projects, greenery appears wherever possible, for example on the ramps at the entrance to the garage, as recently in stage 2A of Ursus.


The RONSON Development partner – the general contractor, Karmar S.A., responsible for the second stage of the project, attaches great importance to the issue of environmental protection. On the construction site, among others, taps limiting water consumption, time switches for electricity in social containers, operating at night. Plastic consumption has been reduced by resigning from PET bottles and the construction site is illuminated with LED lights, using motion sensors. – Karmar S.A. attaches great importance to issues related to environmental protection, safety and quaility – this is our responsibility and commitment. By announcing the Strategy for Climate this year and implementing TopSite certification on ongoing contracts, we want to show that reducing the carbon footprint, good practices and improvements are not just slogans, but mean being a #FairPlay company. On the Ursus Centralny project, we are also preparing for TopSite certification. Maybe even TopSite Innovation, which means extra-curricural implementation of improvements and innovations in areas such as health and safety, environment, relations with the environment, social issues or quaility. Projects with a minimum of 20% advancement level in the implementation of works can apply for the certificate, so only at the beginning of 2022 this project will qualify for the audit – says Joanna Makowiecka-Gatza, KARMAR’s CEO.


Ursus Centralny is one of the largest investments in the developer’s portfolio. Designed in several stages, it is a self-sufficient housing estate, where, in parallel with the progress of work on the construction site, the commercial and service base is expanding. There are schools and kindergartens nearby, and the estate is well connected with the center of Warsaw. Ursus Centralny is distinguished by a boulevard with attractions located in the central part, surrounded by greenery, where future residents will find, among others, outdoor gyms, fountains, playgrounds for children. Ursus Centralny is a place very eagerly chosen by families with children, which is why RONSON joined the Large Family Card program with this project, thanks to which families with many children have the opportunity to sign a notarial deed free of charge and gain a 20% discount on the purchase of a second garage space. Karmar awarded the project with the title of Construction of a Quarter.