RONSON – Nowe Warzymice is our response to the green trend and increasing operating costs

RONSON Development has launched the sale of the fourth stage of its project in Szczecin – Nowe Warzymice. In 2021, it was one of the three most-chosen investments in the developer’s offer. „This project perfectly responds to the need to live close to greenery, while reducing operating costs for future residents”.

Nowe Warzymice is a multi-stage project of RONSON Development, being built in the suburbs of Szczecin. The investment is distinguished by very aesthetic, intimate buildings, surrounded by greenery. In the fourth stage, the sales offer includes 75 apartments with an area of 32 to 87 m2. – With the Nowe Warzymice project, we perfectly responded to the trend that has entered the market for good – today people are looking for a green haven, where they can rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and comfortably organize their everyday life, also in a new formula – with remote work as a new everyday life – says Karolina Bronszewska, Marketing and Innovation Director of RONSON Development. – In case of Nowe Warzymice, this comfort means close proximity to the commercial, service and educational base, quick access to the center of Szczecin, but also green areas in and around the estate.

In the eco trend

In the investment, as in the developer’s other projects, great emphasis was placed on the surrounding greenery. – We really want the vegetation included in each of our projects to be lush, which is important for the comfort of life of our future residents, but also aesthetic, which is why, among others, we build beautiful pergolas for plants – says Karolina Bronszewska. – In the fourth stage of the investment, in line with our ecological commitment, we plan to make a photovoltaic installation for the purposes of powering the common parts and green walls in the entrance zones to the building.

Karolina Bronszewska emphasizes that by deciding to follow the eco trend, RONSON focuses on solutions that mean for future residents not only living in harmony with the planet, but also lower operating costs. Photovoltaic panels, which are designed to supply energy to common parts, LED lighting or watering common parts with rainwater, also reduce running costs for the community. – With the current drastic increases in electricity prices and a high level of inflation, we are trying to implement pragmatic solutions that mean real savings. We believe that housing estates designed in this way will be an excellent form of capital investment for clients in the long run – says Karolina Bronszewska. And she adds – We also know how important a green environment is. Both for life and from the perspective of wanting to sell an apartment on the secondary market.

Houses for insects have already been built on the investment site – this is the result of RONSON’s involvement in the action of the Polish Association of Developers for ecology and biodiversity. In the second and third stages, the developer plans to create rainwater tanks, which will be used to water the green common parts. Within these two stages, flower meadows will also be created to replace lawns, thus ensuring greater biodiversity and sheltering many species of insects. – The solution proposed in the investment is an ecological and very aesthetic alternative to a traditional lawn. Importantly, it reduces the costs of water consumption, because flower meadown do not require as intensive watering as grass. The outlays for mowing, fertilization and care are also lower – says Paweł Krawczyk, Project Manager of Nowe Warzymice.

In the fourth stage, an external bicycle shelter will also be built, and all previous stages were equipped with bicycle stands at the disposal of residents. In close proximity to the estate there are bus stops, thanks to which you can get to Kościuszko Square in the center of Szczecin in a quarter of an hour. And Szczecin Gumieńce railway station, which allows you to travel by train to Berlin. Nowe Warzymice is also close to the access road to the capital of Germany and the journey will take less than 2 hours.