Ronson Development adds the 5th stage of Nova Królikarnia to its offer. It will showcase finished luxurious homes in the center of Mokotów mid-year

Customers dreaming of buying an upscale apartment in Old Mokotów now have another opportunity to turn their dream into a reality. Ronson Development has launched the sales of a new pool of units under the 5th stage of the prestigious Nova Królikarnia project. There are 31 apartments to choose from, with 3, 4 or 5 rooms. The developer has good news for people looking for even more privacy: luxurious homes built in Nova Królikarnia are slated to be delivered for occupancy in the middle of this year. However, people who want to have their own residence in Mokotów should not wait until the very last moment because this offer is a rare gem on the Warsaw market.


A cozy development with its own park and a lake nestled in a quiet area despite being located nearly in the very heart of Warsaw are distinguishing features of Ronson Development’s Nova Królikarnia property development located at ul. Jaśminowa. The sales of its 5th stage with 31 apartments in four cozy urban villas have now commenced. 4-room apartments with floor plans ranging from 87 to 140 m2 form the bulk of this offer. Their prices start at PLN 12.5 thousand per m2. Customers may also choose from among 5-room apartments with floor plans of up to 131 square meters with prices starting at PLN 12.23 thousand per m2. In turn, 3-room units are available for sale starting at PLN 12 thousand per m2.

“New apartments in Nova Królikarnia are always a highly sought-after commodity among customers looking for greenery, luxury and privacy. Satisfying all these conditions customarily involves living outside a city, but our design affords the possibility of hiding away from Warsaw’s hustle and bustle without leaving behind its most attractive part. That forms the success of this investment that captures the attention of every person who decides to pay a visit to our sales office. We already have the first reservation agreements for the 5th stage even though sales have just kicked off”, said Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing at Ronson Development.

The construction of the 5th stage of Nova Królikarnia is scheduled to be completed at the turn of the first and second quarters of 2021.

In turn, the buyers of the luxurious homes built during the third stage of this investment will be able to move into this property development located at the foot of the Warsaw Bank (Skarpa Warszawska) in the summer of this year. 18 residences with floor plans ranging from 195 to 215 m2 and gardens up to 400 m2 in size will be built in this one-of-a-kind project.

In Warsaw, there is not another project of its kind. Having your own home with a beautiful garden and a park view while simultaneously living in close proximity to a subway stop offering rapid access to the center of Warsaw is something it would be difficult to find anywhere else. These residences also fulfill all of the expectations of customers who are looking for 21st century luxury; they are outfitted with a smart home system, they have a convenient underground parking lot with an electric vehicle charging station; they offer a maximum amount of privacy, and on top of that, they will be encircled with greenery”, highlights Andrzej Gutowski.