Ronson Development: the first residents will soon move into the Nova Królikarnia property development in Warsaw’s Mokotów District

Ronson Development has obtained an occupancy permit for the first two buildings built under the first stage of the prestigious Nova Królikarnia property development in Old Mokotów. Nearly 80% of the residential units have already been sold at this stage.

A total of 98 residential units will be built during the first stage of this investment, consisting of 51 apartments with a higher standard of finishing in a multi-family development, 26 apartments in urban villas and 21 single-family buildings in a townhouse development. The occupancy permit covers buildings housing 41 apartments.

We are elated that the first residents will be able to move into our most prestigious property development. This is one of Ronson’s most intricate and multi-faceted projects as it calls for collaboration between a number of contractors and suppliers of utilities. We have built completely new roads and comprehensive technical infrastructure from scratch. The site of this property development is an exceptional venue. This area is subject to the “Pod skocznią” local spatial management plan that zones this part of Warsaw for the purpose of creating a garden city area. According to the idea presented by the authors of this plan, the buildings that are built here cannot be taller than 11 meters, while at least 60% of the space used for the property developments should be biologically active”, says Andrzej Gutowski, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ronson Development.

This high-end property development with an exceptional location next to the historical Królikarnia park in Warsaw’s Old Mokotów District is enjoying extensive success. Nearly 80% of the residential units have already been sold during the first stage. In turn, more than one-half of the apartments from among the pool of 73 residential units that will be available in the second stage of Nova Królikarnia have already found buyers.

A 1,200 meter section of road to offer residents convenient access is in the process of being built close to this property development. Its construction is being co-funded by local investors. The companies involved are working with the capital city of Warsaw in this project. The road is slated to be completed in the first half of 2018.

Ronson Development is acting in the capacity of the Nova Królikarnia project manager.