Ronson Development: sales of the first stage of Grunwald2 in Poznań at the midpoint

Ronson Development’s newest project located on ul. Świerzawska in Poznań is enjoying unabated interest. Buyers have already purchased nearly half of the 133 residential units offered in the first stage of the investment.

Grunwald2 is a new property development underway on ul. Świerzawska 5 in Poznań in the heart of the vibrant Marcelin district. This venue is a mere few minutes from the city center, the airport, the city’s business district and the Marcelin Forest.

The Grunwald2 property development was kicked off in Q2 2018 in parallel with the sales of its first stage consisting of 133 residential units. Nearly half of the units offered in the first stage has already been sold.

Ultimately, this nine-story building will have a total of 267 units with more than half being two-room units and more than one-fourth having three rooms, i.e. compact units with a floor plan of up to 60 m2.

“One of the clear strengths of our property development is its attractive pricing. Three-room residential units are presently available for a price starting at PLN 6,300 per m2. The floor plan in most of them is just slightly larger than in the two-room units available on the market while families with children will most assuredly appreciate the third room. The highly convenient location and the units’ excellent layout mean that the purchase of a unit at the Grunwald2 property development is also an ideal rental investment”, said Justyna Hamrol, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing at Ronson Development.

Attractive offering on a growing market

In terms of pricing the Grunwald2 property development is favorably positioned when it comes to the offering available on the Poznań market. As the data compiled by the Reas research firm indicate, the average prices for units offered by property developers in Poznań at the end of Q2 2018 has now surpassed PLN 7 thousand per m2. In turn, as the National Bank of Poland has computed, the average transaction price per square meter for a residential unit on the primary market in Poznań in Q2 2018 was PLN 6,687, signifying 6.8% growth year on year. Higher transaction prices were observed solely in Warsaw, Gdynia and Gdańsk (NBP collects price points for residential units in Poland’s 17 largest cities).

The virtual dearth of unemployment is conducive to the high demand for residential units in Poznań. Unemployment is substantially lower than in Poland’s other large cities. According to GUS, the Central Statistical Office, the rate of registered unemployment in Poznań in mid 2018 was a mere 1.3%. For comparison, at the same time unemployment in Warsaw was 1.8%, in Wrocław it was 2%, in Cracow it was 2.5% and in the Tri-City it was 2.6%.

Property development for families and singles

The Grunwald2 property development is dedicated to active people who appreciate being in proximity to green areas and being able to commute quickly to the city center and have access to urban attractions. It is also dedicated to families with children for whom proximity to schools and kindergartens combined with the possibility of spending quality time near home is of paramount importance.

This property development’s location provides for rapid access to a host of shopping, service and restaurant choices, medical care units, preschools, primary and secondary schools. It is also close to the INEA stadium on ul. Bułgarska.

The Grunwald2 property development was designed by the Lisiak Architectural Studio. The building’s modern architecture composes well with its white and grey façade. The additional glassing placed on the façade give the entire building a feeling of elegance and lightness. The common areas such as the corridors and stairwells are esthetically pleasing, have been designed with the utmost diligence and finished with top quality materials.

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