RONSON Development is planting a forest in Podolany

The employees of RONSON Development, together with the „Las na Zawsze” Foundation, took part in the forest planting event. In the Podolany village, located in the Ciepielów, near Radom, on the area of nearly 1 ha, they planted 1800 new trees. RONSON Development aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the Company’s operations.

We undertake many activities to protect the natural environment. In our projects, we attach great importance to the use of ecological solutions – key from the point of view of the ongoing climate change, but also extremely important for the comfort and quality of life of future resident – says Karolina Bronszewska, member of the Management Board, Marketing and Innovation Director of RONSON Development. – We are trying to reduce our own emissions of carbon dioxide, and through actions like this, compensate them.


The representatives of the „Las na Zawsze” Foundation emphasize that their assumption – planting up to two thousand seedlings per hectare, allows trees to fully develop their crowns and build a stable root system. Various indigenous species of trees, shrubs and undergrowth plants are planted so that the created forests are biodiverse and therefore more resistant to environmental factors. Karolina Bronszewska from RONSON Development admits that the Company had no problem with engaging employees to such actions. – We came in a strong group of 35 people. Together, we planted 1,800 trees on an area of 8,500 m2. This is a symbolic action for us, because for years we have been trying not only to build apartments, but above all to create beautiful, green surroundings, so important for the healthy life of residents. As she adds – Actions like this bring a lot of joy and satisfaction. In addition to the obvious integration value, we have a sense of a well done job.