Ronson Development with remarkable sales volume in Q3 2020

In Q3 2020 Ronson Development contracted the sale of 235 units, what implies significant growth by 47% comparing to the same period of 2019 (160 units) and by 58% comparing to Q2 2020 (149). The number of units delivered to the customers, which will be recognized in the profit and loss account for Q3 2020, was 197 compared to 100 the same quarter year before.

In the period of Q1-Q3 2020 RONSON sold 661 units, which is 31% more yoy (505 units) and delivered 799 units, which is 50% more yoy (534) and more than all delivered units achieved during year 2019.

“We are very pleased to announce, that the third quarter of 2020 was one of the best quarters in the history of RONSON in terms of sales and deliveries. We are continuing the good momentum This is despite the global crisis affecting all markets. We are happy that projects we are offering are meeting our clients’ needs.

Commitment of our sales team and flexible approach to the way of selling resulted with impressive sales volume of 235 units in Q3 which is significant increase of 58% comparing to Q2 2020. Thanks to our ability to solve any problems arising in a quick and creative way we were able to stay in touch with our customers not only during the lockdown period, but also during their home office periods and even summer holidays. RONSON was the first developer that introduced virtual open days to the market and we can see, that this tool is still very popular among customers – especially when we see very high numbers of COVID-19 cases each day.

What is worth mentioning and appreciated by customers – the excellent quality of our projects, thanks to long-term cooperation with the best construction companies. As a result, all our projects are being implemented according to the schedule. We were even able to put Panoramika V in Szczecin into use three months ahead of the schedule in these demanding market conditions. Also, we remain very active in the filed of obtaining permits and preparing new projects, so that our offer remains attractive. For the first time in Company’s history we are conducting the construction of as many as three stages in parallel, in each of our two largest and leading projects – Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje – to boost our sales offer – says Boaz Haim, CEO of Ronson Development.


“In such challenging times a prompt reaction is crucial. Thanks to a quick adaptation of our sales and marketing activities to the new reality, we have remained very active in the market during and after the lockdown. In August on the other hand we saw that many customers were away for holidays and did not visit our sales offices that often, but they were browsing our offer and found time to take part in virtual open days. As a result, we had a very strong September when it comes to sales. The main driver of sales during the period of 9 months of 2020 was the Warsaw-based Ursus Centralny project, where 215 units found their buyers. Among other projects that also enjoyed great interest were: Miasto Moje in Warsaw (119 units sold) and Panoramika in Szczecin (73). We can see that clients nowadays pay more attention to the pleasant surroundings of the apartment – that is why Warsaw-based Tulip and Nova Królikarnia projects have gained popularity. Moreover, a housing estate must fulfill not only residential, but also recreational functions. This is the reason why we have decided to introduce new stages of Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje to the offer recently. Both investments offer the proximity of the park, recreational areas, schools, kindergartens and a rich base of services as well a passage running along the estate, divided into zones of relaxation, fun, activity and culture. The projects are very well connected with other parts of the city, but there is an alternative: you also have everything you need there. The success of pre-sales in Ursus Centralny III and Miasto Moje V is a conformation, that they respond to the needs of customers accurately. We are closely monitoring the market and prepare for commencement of further investments – says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing Director, Ronson Development.


During Q3 2020, the largest number of units were delivered in the Poznań-based Grunwald2 project. Also Szczecin-based Panoramika and Miasto Marina in Wrocław had a significant share in the deliveries.