RONSON Development joins the Large Family Card program

RONSON Development is the second developer in Poland to join the Large Family Card program. The Program will cover two projects that are the most popular in the developer’s Warsaw portfolio – Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje. „It is an expression of corporate social responsibility for us”.


Free signing of a notarial deed for a development contract and a 20% discount on the purchase of a second garage space – this is the developer’s offer for holders of the Large Family Card, to be implemented in investments in Ursus and in Warsaw’s Białołęka district.


Our attention has been focused on families for many years. In each of the cities where we are present with our projects, dedicated housing estates are created. We call such investments self-sufficient, because future residents can find everything necessary for everyday life – a wide commercial and service base, as well as spaces for recreation – says Boaz Haim, RONSON Development CEO. As he adds – In investments such as Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje a large role is played by amenities created for the youngest residents. For example, in the Miasto Moje project, we have designed numerous playgrounds with trampolines and slides, a playground, and in the 5th stage of the investment, a large pirate ship will be built. The advantage of the estate are walking paths and an internal passage without car traffic, which ensures the safety of the youngest. There are also kindergartens and nurseries in the area of this investment.

The Large Family Card is a project aimed at 3+ families. Cardholders have the opportunity to use the offer of public institutions and private companies at a lower cost.

The Large Family Card program, by supporting the budget of large families, and thus facilitating their access to goods and services, is in line with the idea of corporate social responsibility that is close to us. We are happy to be a part of this project – concludes Boaz Haim.

The Program has 4 million users registered and is supported by the largest brands – currently 8 000 partners. – Joint activities for Polish families bring tangible results. In addition to the obvious financial benefits for supported families, these are a change in awareness and strengthening the positive image of a large family. We are glad that one of the leading development companies is joining the group of partners. As a result, the Programme’s beneficiares will receive support in satisfying their housing needs – says Dorota Bojemska, Chairwoman of the Family Council at the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.