RONSON’s Nowe Warzymice near Szczecin is expanding

RONSON Development has completed the construction of the first stage of the Nowe Warzymice project in the Kołbaskowo near Szczecin, and intensive construction works are underway in the next stages – II and III. The investment, implemented in the suburbs of Szczecin, and designed in several stages, is a continuation of the developer’s presence in and around Szczecin.  

On an 8-hectare investment area, a multi-stage estate is being built, where a total of over 460 units in low-rise multi-family housing will be built. – Together with the Nowe Warzymice project, we will be present in the Kołbaskowo for a good few years, because the scale of the investment is really large – says Karolina Bronszewska, Marketing and Innovation Director of RONSON Development. And she adds – This investment is tailored to our times. We are building a large estate in which we want to give future residents cozy, low-rise buildings in a green, quite neighborhood.


The Nowe Warzymice project has a lot to offer. In addition to standard apartments, there are also two-level apartments available. There will be also flats with terraces, balconies and gardens. In the investment, as in the developer’s other projects, great emphasis was placed on the surrounding greenery. – We really want the plants included in each of our projects to be lush, which is important for the comfort of life of our future residents, but also aesthetic, which is why, among others, we created a beautiful wooden pergolas for plants – says Karolina Bronszewska. –  In the fourth stage of the investment, in accordance with our ecological commitment, we plan to make a photovoltaic installation for the purposes of supplying common parts and the so-called „green wall” on one of the facades. Such a solution, already used in our Ursus Centralny investment in Warsaw, allows for a significant reduction of CO2 emissions in the air.

Houses for insects have already been received to the investment, which is the result of RONSON’s involvement in the action of the Polish Association of Developers for ecology and biodiversity. In the second and third stages, the developer plans to create rainwater tanks, which will be used to water the green common parts. During these two stages, flower meadows will also be created to replace lawns, thus ensuring greater biodiversity and sheltering many species of insects. – The solution proposed in the investment is an ecological and very aesthetic alternative to a traditional lawn. Importantly, it reduces the costs of water consumption, because flower meadows do not require as intensive watering as grass. The outlays for mowing, fertilization and care are also lower – says Paweł Krawczyk, Project Manager of Nowe Warzymice.

RONSON Development has already completed the construction of stage I of the investment, and intensive construction works are underway in stages II and III. All three stages are currently on sale. In the first stage, there are the last 4-room apartments with terraces, with an area of 80 m2. – We know the Szczecin market very well, we feel the needs of the inhabitants, and our investments are very popular there. We have already sold 100 apartments in Nowe Warzymice, which makes it possible to call this investment one of our bestsellers – says Karolina Bronszewska.

The Szczecin market is one of four – next to Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan – where we want to clearly mark our developer presence. After the success of the Panoramika investment, we made a turn towards the suburbs of Szczecin. This decision was in line with the new trend of looking for flats away from the city noise, surrounded by greenery, and at the same time close to the city center – says Boaz Haim, RONSON’s CEO.This is what Nowe Warzymice is like. Green, quiet, but very prestigious due to its location.

There are bus stops in close proximity to the estate, thanks to which you can get to Kościuszko Square in the center of Szczecin in a quarter of an hour and the Szczecin Gumieńce railway station, which allows you to travel to Berlin by train. Nowe Warzymice is also close to the access road to Berlin, from where the journey itself will take less than 2 hours. There is also a rich commercial, service and educational base in the vicinity of the estate.