Ronson Development’s new project in Warsaw. Presales to begin at the Tulip Wilanów property development

Cozy apartments with a mezzanine level and a private garden in the idyllic vicinity of the Zawady district in the Vistula River basin and the very best venue just next to Vogla Square – these are the principal marks distinguishing Ronson Development’s new project called Tulip Wilanów. This is this developer’s second Warsaw-based investment following Ursus Centralny to be launched this year. Unit presales are slated to begin on Monday, May 13, and the new sales office located in the Vogla Square shopping mall will open on May 27.

Three-room units with floor plans ranging from 56 to 77 square meters will be prevalent in Ronson Development’s new investment: 87 of the 150 units in this offer will belong to this category. The developer also prepared a large selection of 2-room units with floor plans ranging from 38 to 54 square meters: there will be 42 such units. The offer will also include two studio apartments with up to 31 square meters and 19 four-room units with floor plans of up to 99 square meters.

The mezzanine level in the 54 largest units will provide extraordinary convenience. By employing this solution, the architects managed to create an impressive amount of space totaling 5 vertical meters in these units’ living rooms. In turn, the residents of the Tulip Wilanów estate who live on the ground floor will be able to spend time in their own garden space. The design also anticipates having a private garden accessible to all the property development’s residents.

Unit prices during presales begin at PLN 8,100 per square meter.

“The Tulip Wilanów project is our next proposal for people keen on taking advantage of all the conveniences offered by Warsaw, but who are simultaneously looking for a place to live that is nestled in greenery, a long way away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. Following our Nova Królikarnia project in the Mokotów District, we now have a proposal that is much more affordable, making it attractive to singles, families with children and senior citizens. Residents will have immediate access to the green surroundings of the Vistula River basin along with the conveniences of the Vogla Square shopping mall housing stores, restaurants and services. There is also a cultural center close by and there is a plan for a tram line in Wilanów”, says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing at Ronson Development.

Dutch lifestyle

The Tulip Wilanów name refers to living surrounded by nature while also bringing to mind Holland, replete with its minimalistic and modern architecture and roads frequented by bicycles. During the design phase for this property development nestled on the Vistula River, Ronson Development drew inspiration from the Dutch lifestyle with space for relaxation, physical activity and a “slow life” philosophy. Ronson’s project is located in the most natural part of the district that attracts people who love to take walks and ride their bicycles.

At the same time, as the data published by REAS JLL show, Wilanów enjoys enormous popularity among people looking for a residence in Warsaw: last year new apartments located in this district waited for a buyer on average for up to two quarters. The extent of the offer in Q4 2018 was considerably below demand. That is why adding 150 units from the Tulip Wilanów property development may portend a sales success.