A new pillar of the RONSON Development business

RONSON Development begins its activity in the Private Rented Sector – PRS.  By the end of 2025, the developer will secure land bank for approx. 5,000 apartments for rent, available in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan for the first stage. Thus, RONSON joins the pioneers of the dynamically developing PRS market in Poland. „This is a natural consequence of the Company’s development” – its representatives say.

RONSON Development has been present on the Polish market for 20 years. During this time, the Company successfully completed 32 development projects and built over 10,000 apartments. – Our many years of experience, business know-how, knowledge of the market and current trends, but above all – the financial stability of the Company, allow us to make a milestone towards expanding RONSON’s operations to the institutional lease segment – says Boaz Haim, RONSON’s CEO. – It will be the second pillar of our activity, carried out in parallel to the current key activity, which is the sale of apartments on the primary market. We will take actions in order to establish cooperation with experienced financial partners in this regard.

PRS – a rising trend

The forecasts for the institutional rental market in Poland are promising. It is influenced by economic factors, especially the increase in apartment prices in the sales offer, as well as by demographic factors. Younger generations value mobility, financial independence, and thus – a flexible housing offer, adapted to their current needs. – The group of people renting apartments is growing, and we – as a stable and financially strong real-estate developer, want to be the Company of the first choice for them. We prepare an offer for a wide audience. Professionals, managers, who are professionally mobile, but also students and families. As always, we pay a lot of attention to the design phase. Our investments in the PRS segment will be distinguished by the quality and functionality – says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice President, Sales Director of RONSON Development.

The bar is set high

Boaz Haim, RONSON’s CEO, emphasizes the unique nature of the offer. RONSON knows how to identify the needs of the residents in its projects and provide them with it. – In our PRS projects we will be responsible for the entire process from A to Z – from the investment design stage, through the construction stage, to the development of the offer, launching it on the market and managing the rental itself. As a result, investments dedicated to the rental market will be created responding to its specific needs, including common areas or service functions. As he adds – We are full of enthusiasm, starting this completely new chapter in our business history. We believe that the expansion of the business by a new segment will be positively reflected in the financial results in the coming years and will contribute to the further, successive building of the Company’s value.

The Company announced that by the end of 2025, the offer of flats for rent will include approx. 3,000 units, in three cities in Poland – Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan and RONSON’s land bank will be secured for approx. 5,000 units in the PRS segment. – The choice of these locations is not accidental. We know these markets very well, because we have been present on them as a developer for years. We chose them also because they have the greatest potential of the rental market – says Andrzej Gutowski. – Our goal in the long term is to gradually expand the pool of apartments for rent in our portfolio – we also do not rule out expanding our activities to the new markets.

Stand out

The prospective Private Rented Sector, popular especially among young people, who organize their lives online, provokes developers to reach for new solutions. Karolina Bronszewska, Marketing Director at RONSON Development, lists the competitive advantages of RONSON. –We focus on high quality of service, simplified formalities, various amenities and additional services offered as part of the lease, to choose from various variants, depending on the current needs, life stage or financial possibilities of the client. We know how much importance the young generation attaches to digital convenience and technological advancement, therefore we will implement numerous online amenities in our rental apartments, which will allow customers to choose an apartment, arrange the necessary formalities, pay bills, all with „just one click”.