Modern real estate is ecological – RONSON is starting with pre-sale of the ECO Falenty project

RONSON Development has started the pre-sale of the ECO Falenty investment near Warsaw. In the first stage of the project, 42 modern rowhouses will be built, all equipped with ecological solutions. „This investment is our ECO showcase”.

The RONSON Development investment, carried out in Falenty near Warsaw, is a response to the trend that has settled among buyers for good, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Buyers are more and more eagerly looking for a space to live outside the city, surrounded by nature, with the possibility of organizing an additional place for remote work. – A strong advantage of suburban locations is their price, which allows to change an apartment in the city center, for a house within the agglomeration – says Andrzej Gutowski, Vice President, Sales Director of RONSON Development. As he calculates, according to data provided by JLL, the average price per m2 in Warsaw reaches PLN 13.000, while the prices per m2 of a house in ECO Falenty start from PLN 7.700. A house in ECO Falenty can be purchased for PLN 592.000. – This is the price we will pay for a 2-room flat in central locations of the capital.

Falenty, thanks to the proximity of expressways – S8 and S2, is distinguished by excellent communication with Warsaw. The Shopping Center in Janki is only a 4-minute drive from the investment, and the nearest school is 2 km away. In the first stage of the RONSON investment in Falenty, 42 modern rowhouses will be built, with areas ranging from 75 to 139 m2. Each of them will be equipped with a package of ecological solutions.

ECO Falenty – eco showcase

The investment in Falenty was designed as our ECO showpiece from the very beginning. The real estates created today, in order to deserve the name of modern ones, must, above all, be ecological and designed in the spirit of sustainable development. We are glad that RONSON is the forerunner of this trend in Poland – says Karolina Bronszewska, Marketing and Innovations Director at RONSON Development. – We do this with the protection of the planet in mind, but also remembering that in the long run, future resident will benefit from savings connected with them.

The developer has planned solutions such as recuperation, which is a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, thanks to which heat is recovered from used and exhausted air, which is then used to heat fresh air in the recuperator. – Such a system allows for real savings in terms of home heating – says Karolina Bronszewska.

In this project, the developer has planned to use condensing boilers and LED lighting. Additionally, the investment will be made from ecological building materials. – Within the investment, we will also use a system in which rainwater from the roofs of buildings will be drained through external drain pipes and linear drainage to an open rainwater reservoir designed in the estate. Each facility will be equipped with external ground-based retention reservoirs, enabling the use of rainwater to water the greenery on the plot – says Karolina Bronszewska. And she adds – Falenty is an oasis of greenery. While standing on the plot, we can see the Palace of Culture and Science and the view of the Warsaw skyline, and  on the other side, extensive recreational areas that we will make available for future residents. Falenty is a truly unique investment in our portfolio. We will also take care of the needs of the youngest residents there. Along with the construction of the next stages of the investment, two sports fields and a playground will be built.