Another milestones in the Viva Jagodno project

After obtaining the occupancy permit for the 1st stage, acceptance procedures are underway at the RONSON Development Viva Jagodno investment in Wrocław. „We already have the second stage of the estate on sale”.

The first stage of the Viva Jagodno project is now fully ready and almost 100% sold, which is why we have launched another pool of apartments in the second stage, the construction of which is advanced, and our clients will find there apartments from 42 m2 – says Justyna Hamrol-Wasielewska, Regional Sales Director of RONSON Development. – We offer apartments with terraces, gardens and mezzanines, which open up great possibilities of space arrangement.

Viva Jagodno is an investment designed on a very large scale. Over 400 apartments will be built in three stages of the project. – When we create housing estates such as Viva Jagodno, dedicated to families, we try to arrange the space so that future residents will live comfortably. We create a „micro city” within a city, with an extensive infrastructure. At the third stage of the investment, we designed a retail and service space – says Justyna Hamrol-Wasielewska. As she adds – In the second and third stages of the project, green roofs will also be created, which filter air pollutants and produce oxygen, helping to reduce the so-called „urban heat Island”, prevent heat loss in winter and protect the building from excessive heating in summer.

Viva Jagodno is being built in the Jagodno district of Wroclaw. The investment is distinguished by rich colors of common areas.